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Candidate EOI

Voices for Monash Candidate Selection Process


Voices for Monash (V4M) was formed in May 2021 by a group of concerned locals who felt the Monash electorate’s political representation did not adequately reflect the community’s values nor effectively address the major issues facing our region and nation.

At the last federal election (2022) local lawyer, Deb Leonard, represented the community voice and the V4M Committee. Achieving over 21% of the vote after preferences, Deb helped to make Monash a marginal seat with now ex-Liberal party member, Russell Broadbent holding on by a margin of only 2.9%.

Dissatisfaction with Broadbent's representation of the Monash electorate has been confirmed through a series of community engagement events across the electorate this year. From Kitchen Table Conversations to evenings featuring guest speakers such as former Indi MP, Cathy McGowan, the growing dissatisfaction with the current representative is vocal.

The lack of access to the local MP and major parties has also been cited, with Monash residents concerned with the influence of vested interests as seemingly more important than concerns of local constituents.

Contact with Voices for Monash regarding candidacy is treated as highly confidential. We understand the sensitivities that affect people’s readiness to publicly declare their interest in running (or have others speak about it). Your application for candidacy is for you to disclose until/if you qualify for the shortlisting. If you are shortlisted, the members will be given your name along with others shortlisted, prior to your presentation to the membership from mid-July 2024.

Please note Voices for Monash Executive Committee is independent in its work in relation to the successful candidate’s campaign. It is not responsible for fundraising, event management, media related campaign activities or coordination of volunteers following the candidate’s selection. Individual members of the Committee may choose to undertake campaign activities however this will not be as a representative of the Committee.

Candidate Attributes:

We are seeking a candidate who demonstrates the following attributes as a minimum:

Independent and local: You are not aligned with a political party; you reside in the Monash electorate or are willing to move to the electorate upon being ratified as the successful candidate.

Community-minded: You are engaged with local communities and committed to listening to and acting on the concerns and views of the electorate.

Ethical and values-driven: You demonstrate the values, behaviours and principles outlined in the Values, Pillars and Code of Conduct on the Voices for Monash website.

Engaging communicator: You have a warm and authentic presence; you actively listen and respond directly with empathy, logic and clarity; you can respectfully call out disrespectful behaviour and misinformation.

Committed to action: You are committed to acting on the climate, ecology, integrity in politics, the economy and community issues.

Critical thinker: You can critically analyse issues to present cohesive and logical arguments.

Resilience: You have a proven ability to succeed under pressure and withstand the rigors of public scrutiny.

Can attract support: You have the capacity and network to attract sufficient financial, volunteer and personal/emotional support for the duration of the campaign and beyond.

To confidentially discuss the application and the selection process please contact the President of the Voices for Monash via [email protected] and provide your mobile phone number to organise a chat about your application.

The Selection Process:

The process is as follows – we recommend commencing at Step 1 to best assist your and our decision making:

  • Expression of Interest – via informal contact (email the President as noted above to discuss date/time for a personal meeting or phone call).
  • Preliminary in-person interview outlining Hurdle Criteria (see below)
  • Submission of written application (see below).
  • Screening of written applications by the V4M Executive Committee’s Independent Candidate Selection Working Group.
  • Interview with two Candidate Selection Working Group members.

Short listed nominees to undertake or provide the following activities as determined by the Working Group:

  • Campaign strategy plan & tactics presentation
  • Video message testing
  • Mock media conference
  • Social media scrutiny
  • Full panel interview
  • Short-listed candidates are scored against criteria (which will be provided to you).
  • Presentation to V4M members where they will have a chance to vote on their preferred candidate.
  • Public announcement of successful candidate at a date and time of the Executive Committee’s choosing.

Hurdle Criteria

The criteria listed below are all ‘hurdle’ criteria. You must be able to demonstrate that you fulfil these criteria before lodging your application, unless you can show good reason why an exception should be made.

  • You demonstrate that you meet all eligibility criteria to nominate for election to the federal parliament in accordance with the Australian Electoral Commission’s (AEC) candidate requirements.
  • Identify whether you have been or remain a member of a political party in any jurisdiction and if so, provide the background ie. which party and timeframes of membership/s.
  • Provide examples where your personal values, behaviours and principles are aligned with the Voices of Monash Values, Pillars and Code of Conduct.
  • If ratified as the Voices for Monash independent candidate, you will:
    • Be available to lead an election campaign from the date of launching you as the Independent candidate, including attending local events.
    • You will have a campaign plan designed and ready to be implemented on the launch date. The Plan includes fundraising, media strategy, volunteer and campaign staff recruitment, event management plan including kitchen table conversations, and can successfully address issues identified in the ‘Monash Matters’ report. 
    • Provide progress reports on your campaign plan’s development following nomination and prior to launch to ensure key actions have been completed.
    • Nominate as a candidate with the AEC immediately after the election date has been announced and within the timeframe identified for nominations by the AEC.
    • Be available to take up office as the Monash electorate’s federal Member of the House of Representatives immediately following your successful election campaign.

Written Application

NOTE: We recommend you contact us informally prior to lodging a formal application (as below).

Please provide the following personal details in your letter/email and provide all relevant attachments when you submit your application.

Personal Details

Full name:
Previous first and last name/s:
Residential address:
E-mail address:
Mobile phone number:
Date of birth:
Country of birth:
Citizenship status:
Current occupation:
Social media account types used:
Social media account links/handles:

Cover Letter

Please provide why you want to undertake this role, why you are the best person to be endorsed as a candidate to be the Independent Member of Parliament for Monash and how you align with the candidate attributes listed above and the community independent movement.

Attachments: Professional and Civic Experience

Please attach the following to your submission:

  • Your career Curriculum Vitae including all qualifications verified by statutory declaration of true and accurate records, professional associations and complete list of your work experience
  • A list of your civic work i.e. community associations and volunteer work, pro bono projects, etc.
  • A list of any awards and achievements in both professional and civic areas
  • Highlight any areas of conflict that would affect your application process
  • Three referees’ contact details including professional and personal referees and how you are known to them

Submit Written Application

Please submit your written application by emailing it to [email protected] 



Monday 28 May 

Advertisments in local papers


Seeking suitable community members to express interest


Probity check completed


Shortlisting interviews completed


Member event to hear from candidates on their Independent candidate application


Electronic voting for members


Public announcement of candidate