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Candidate Selection Process Update


The House of Representatives, Canberra


In 2022, Voices for Monash selected and endorsed Deb Leonard as the independent candidate to campaign for Monash in that year's Federal election. Given it was a short time to campaign, Deb and her team did an outstanding job in securing 10% of the primary and helping to turn Monash into a marginal seat.

History shows that when an independent is elected, it is usually the second time around having created the interest and exposure. A second run gains further momentum.

Therefore, Voices for Monash will be seeking expressions of interest for an independent candidate for the next Federal election. 

A sub-committee has been formed to run the process; from advertising for candidates to receiving applications and short-listing.

In mid May expect to see advertisements appearing in your local rural Gippsland paper. Applications will close after three weeks, followed by a short-listing process and background check of applicants (references, social media, ensuring blemish-free criminal records etc.)

The process is expected to take about two months with a member forum in early July and an announcement thereafter allowing the endorsed candidate plenty of time to build a profile and allow their campaign team to be selected and working.

Members will be presented with the short-listed candidates and will be asked to endorse a candidate at a forum in person, or online if they are unable to attend. If you aren't a member yet, this is a good time to sign up so you can be a part of this exciting process.

If you are reading this and you know someone who you think would make a great candidate, maybe tap them on the shoulder and make them aware we are searching.

Please direct any inquiries to [email protected]

Les Corson, on behalf of the candidate selection subcommittee.

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