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Kitchen Table Conversations Update

V4M Kitchen Table Conversation _ March 2024

Members have been running Kitchen Table conversation with their friends and networks all over the electorate. We have received some really interesting feedback, and there are definite common themes emerging from the groups regardless of where in the electorate they are. Strong themes so far include:

  • Our community is strong – we band together to support each other in times of need.
  • Monash is a combination of many individual communities – most people don’t identify with the “Monash” community, rather the community of the town/region in which they live.
  • We love and appreciate the natural environment where we live.
  • Governments must ultimately be driven by community need and values. They should protect the vulnerable people in our community.
  • We want a representative that shows up, that is present.
  • We want our politicians to be transparent, and make decisions based on facts and evidence, not political influence or “point scoring”.
  • Politicians need to make policies with long term vision; not just with a view to win the next election.
  • Politicians need to act more respectfully and professionally in parliament.
  • There should be strong 2-way communication between community and government/elected representative. This should be accessible to  all, the community should be aware of the opportunity and method to give and receive information.
  • Citizens Assemblies could be an effective way of determining policy and making decisions; the best solutions come from our community.
  • Important issues leading into the next election are:
    • Housing: It is almost impossible for young people, or even people on modest incomes to buy a home. Rentals are very scarce. Businesses such as hospitality and health cannot find and retain staff as housing is too expensive.
    • Health Care: needs greater funding. More should be spent on primary health care to keep people out of hospitals.
    • NDIS: The system is broken: it is inefficient, difficult to navigate and there is significant wastage of funds.
    • Roads (particularly in South Gippsland) are in terrible condition and need urgent attention.
    • Climate: Need broader response; Politicians need to listen and act in accordance with climate scientists.  Need to electrify everything, and improve sustainability.

All of the feedback from KTCs will be collated into a report to both guide the endorsement of an independent candidate to represent our community, and also to be provided to all candidates running in the next election with a question to ask them to address  how they will address the identified issues should they be elected. 

To gain a comprehensive overview, we need people from all parts and all demographics of the Monash community to help with Kitchen Table Conversations.

To find out more about KTCs and offer to host one yourself, please see out website here.

We understand it may be difficult for some people to host their own KTCs, but they may still wish to attend one and have their say! Therefore we are running a number of “public” KTCs, for anyone to come and join. Please see if you can come along, and bring a couple of friends! We would love to hear from as many members of the community as possible.

  • Korumburra Hub – Training Room 1: 10am to 12pm, Monday 22 April.
  • Warragul – Everything is Better with Wine: 5.30pm to 7.30pm Monday 29 April (TBC)
  • Drouin Library: 10am to 12pm Tuesday 23 April          
  • Foster Café, The Kitchen Table: 10am - 12pm May 1st          


Please RSVP to any event you can attend here.


If you have a suggestion of a location and time to  run a public KTC, please email us.

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