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Voices for Monash announced as preferred Climate 200 electorate for funding

19 June 2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monash named as an electorate targeted by Climate 200 for a viable independent candidate.

Voices for Monash (V4M) is excited to be one of nine electorates named by Climate 200 (C200) as it challenges the status quo of outdated party politics by supporting Community Independent Representatives, based on the reality that Monash is now a marginal and winnable seat.

As reported in The Guardian (17/06/2024) C200 has identified which electorates in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales will receive community accelerator funding, set up to provide financial support for independent candidates backed by groups committed to doing politics differently.

Since V4M formed in May 2021, the group has worked hard to establish a supporter base and gain a good understanding of what the community has identified are the issues for them in the Monash electorate. Financial support has been provided to assist in spreading the message across the electorate about the need for representation from our local federal MP so they can best represent the views and issues of the community, rather than a party platform that has no relevance to the specific needs of the Monash community.

The acknowledgment and support of C200 is greatly appreciated and is evidence that V4M has worked hard to understand what matters to the Monash community, and it has an effective plan to engage with all sections of the community. V4M’s values of inclusion, equality, integrity and sustainability reflect the underpinning commitments C200 stands for and is reflected in the fine work of other federal Independent MP’s such as Monique Ryan, Zoe Daniels and Zali Steggall.

President of V4M, Fiona Mckenzie, said the C200 funding was timely for as it is in the process of candidate selection its members in the next few weeks - “any additional funding to help us cover the expenses required to run this candidate selection process and expand our community engagement across the whole of the Monash electorate is more than welcome. The funding is recognition for months of hard work by V4M and its members to make sure the Voices of Monash have and will be heard.”

Ms McKenzie also noted that the candidate selection process remains open for the next couple of weeks with the closing date for applications being Friday 28 June 2024. “I urge prospective candidates to contact Voices for Monash via our website and have a chat with us about their application before submitting an application.”

Monash voters who want to be part of the candidate selection process can apply for V4M membership and be part of this exciting process - Ms McKenzie shared that V4M members will be invited to attend a forum and hear from each prospective candidate before voting for their preferred Independent representative.

Further information about joining V4M, its values and the criteria for potential candidates can be found at the V4M website -


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